Our Top Ten Travel Destinations for All Sports Lovers

Some travellers love exploring museums and visiting ancient sites, while others prefer spending their days on the beach with a cocktail close by. While there are many activities you can revel in when on vacation, which would grab your attention?

If you love sports or attending big sporting events, you’d better jot down the top ten travel destinations on this list!

1. London

London boasts many stadiums and sporting activities for any fanatic out there. Whether you love football, rugby, tennis, horseracing, the list goes on and on. You’ll find some action when vacationing in London.

2. Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is probably better known for football, but it doesn’t stop there. The beautiful country and buzzing city also offer plenty of opportunity for mountain biking, canoeing and of course kite surfing and scuba diving.

3. Morocco

Morocco is already a popular ‘off the beaten track’ holiday destination, but sporting enthusiasts will be happy to know that it is also the perfect locale for extreme sports. Think skiing, kayaking, sailing and wind surfing.

4. Jamaica

Considered to be one of the best sporting tourism destination in the region, Jamaica will have you coming back for more. Whether you love playing tennis, or want to try your hand at dog sledding, you’ll have a great time while visiting Jamaica.

5. Qatar

Thanks to Qatar’s climate and natural features, water sports is one of the most popular social activities in the country. While visiting Qatar you will be able to indulge in all kinds of water sports, from boating to sailing and diving.

6. Malaysia

Perhaps more known for being hosts of international sporting events, Malaysia has lots of sporting activities you can get lost in. So, instead of watching Formula 1, you can also expect other events such as motorcycling and power boat racing.

7. Australia

When we think of Sydney, there is only one thing that comes to mind, the 2000 World Olympics of course! But the city has much more to offer than incredible stadiums and international events. Travelers can also enjoy activities like horse riding, hiking and skiing to name but a few.

8. South Korea

Are you a sucker for martial arts? Then you should book your ticket to South Korea today. But don’t worry, you won’t be limited to the art of taekwondo or judo only. You will also be able to play football, golf and baseball. The country also has loads of beautiful hiking trails.

9. Spain

If you are a football fanatic, then Barcelona is probably somewhere on your bucket list of cities you have to visit. In Spain you’ll find hundreds of the best football clubs in the world. But it doesn’t end there though, you’ll also be able to ski, dive and cycle.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand is best known for its tenacious rugby team. The country has however more to offer than rugby. You’ll also be able to participate in adrenaline pumping extreme sports like bungee jumping, horse racing, or motorsport.

Whatever your sporting activity of preference, you’ll find the perfect destination for your next trip. So, where are you going first?