8 Failsafe Tips for Surviving Extreme Airport Layovers

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, flights with long layovers are unavoidable at some point. Some people opt for these flights because they tend to be more affordable. Most people dread long layovers, not knowing what to do with the time they have to kill before boarding their next flight.

In this post you’ll learn some neat tricks on how to kill the time constructively while waiting at any airport.

#1 Strike up a Conversation

You are bound to notice an approachable stranger at any given moment during your travels, whether for business or holiday. By having a chat with your fellow traveller, you might get some handy tips on your destination or kill about five minutes of your layover time.

#2 Board Games = No Boredom

For those who are traveling with family members, packing a boardgamey in you hand luggage could be the best way to pass time. Instead of waiting and watching the clock, you’ll engage in a fun interactive game. Forget the tablet or smartphone, we’re talking about real board games here.

#3 Get Some Shuteye

You’ve probably seen some travellers stretched out on airport benches or floors, getting some rest. Some people are not that comfortable with this setup, but luckily a lot of the bigger airports offer travellers comfortable lounge areas where you can catch some z’s in peace.

#4 Go Sightseeing

If your layover is longer than five hours, you might want to stretch your legs and do some sightseeing while you have the opportunity. Major airports have access to public transport and will get you to the city and back in a heartbeat. Be sure to have your short trip mapped and planned!

#5 Book a Room

If you don’t like sleeping on an airport bench or chair, and you have about half a day to wait, why not book a room? Usually you’ll find lodging and overnight hotels not too far from major airports. Here you’ll be able to get a decent meal, take a shower and get some sleep before your next flight.

#6 Do Some Stretches

Long flights can be exhausting and cause some stiffness. If you are a bit of a fitness fanatic, why not find out if there is a gym or yoga studio in the airport or bring your yoga mat along. While you catch up on your exercise, you’ll be killing time and strengthening your body and mind at the same time.

#7 Bring Your Instrument

If you are a musician or know how to play an instrument, what better way to kill time than playing it while waiting? You’d be surprised by fellow travellers’ reactions, and some might even join in on the fun. There is no better way to combat boredom than with song and entertainment.

#8 Splurge on a Decent Meal

Even though all airports are chockfull of all the standard fast-food chains like KFC or McDonalds, why not treat yourself to a decent meal? A lot of the bigger international airports now have gourmet restaurants where travellers can enjoy a great meal. Why, Gordon Ramsay opened his “Plane Food” at Heathrow, and is well worth it.

So, you see, you don’t have anything to fear. Killing time and boredom with long layovers is a breeze if you stick to our failsafe tips. Happy travels!